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How to Manage your Online Courses

Fantastic! You’ve just decided to earn your Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. You’ve heard all about how much more flexible online learning is than the traditional brick and mortar college experience. You can work on your assignments in your own time, and you can hand them in from virtually anywhere. It seems as if everything’s coming together, and it’s going to be a breeze.


Not so fast.


While online learning is a great option for many, there’s a fine line between flexibility and complacency. Take a look at our tips for how not to fail your online courses.


Keep a Schedule

Whether it’s in a notebook, on your cell phone, or on your computer, keep a schedule and stick to it. Even if your to-do list varies wildly, you should at least be able to plan out your days a week in advance to bake in study time. This will save you from having to look over your notes while fixing dinner or setting your alarm for a 3a.m. study session.


Don’t be Late!

Just because you technically can hand in your assignments at the last minute, that doesn’t mean you should. If any technical issues crop up in the process, you’ll be dealing with a late assignment, and your professor may not be so forgiving if you’ve known about the due date in advance. It may help you to create faux due dates. For example, if the professor tells you your assignment is due by 12p.m. on Friday, mark the due date as 8p.m. on Thursday. That way, if some unforeseen issue arises, you won’t be out of luck.


Have Fun!

Your online degree is all about turning your passion into a career. Even though you’re in “school,” you’re doing what you love. Don’t think of each assignment as a chore, but rather as an opportunity to improve your craft.


Good luck!


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