The Rise of Cloud Computing and the Demand for IT Professionals) 8/26/2013 <p><strong>Whether you are new to the field or looking to move up in your IT career</strong>, it's

The Rise of Cloud Computing and the Demand for IT Professionals

Whether you are new to the field or looking to move up in your IT career, it's important to stay on top of big changes, innovations and movements within the industry. Right now, in the world of information technology, the attention is on cloud computing.

Cloud services and cloud providers are proliferating and offering advantages to businesses of all kinds, helping them to save time and money by upgrading to new, cloud-based data management resources. Cloud systems help to save costs by making critical software available over the web and cutting down on internal IT maintenance workloads.

What is the cloud?

Essentially, cloud computing refers to the practice of using distributed systems to host data and information in a remote network destination. Having this kind of distributed infrastructure allows cloud vendors to let clients back up their data easily and effectively, while also providing some unique security and accessibility benefits—including that clients no longer need to build physical networks within their own offices, but can still access their data whenever they need it.

Demand for Information Technology Professionals

Cloud computing and cloud hosting systems truly support the idea of web-delivered services – in the old days, companies had to purchase software services by installing and licensing individual products. These days, it’s much more common for executives and others to simply sign up online for the services that they need and have those services delivered directly into a company IT system by vendors.

What all this means is that as cloud computing continues to grow in popularity, companies will require knowledgeable professionals to select, implement and manage these new technologies. According to research sponsored by Microsoft in 2012, the demand for jobs related to cloud computing will grow 26% a year through to 2015. They also reported that 7 million cloud-related jobs could be created by 2015. (See more of the facts and figures here!)

Students interested in a career in IT should consider advancing their education and taking courses around network management and network security, particularly as they relate to cloud computing, in order to stay relevant to an ever-changing technology job world.

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