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How to Prepare for Your Online Art Class

A little planning and preparation goes a long way toward reducing stress and maximizing productivity when first enrolling in online art classes at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division. Use these quick tips to get organized, ask the necessary questions and prepare for a fun and exciting experience when taking your first class.

1.   Get the right art technology. Online art classes may have specific requirements for the type of software that can be used for written assignments as well as art-related submissions. Make sure you have the proper software installed on your computer. It's also a good idea to verify whether a Mac or a PC is preferred and/or supported and to ask about any necessary plug-ins.

2.   Pick up the necessary art supplies and equipment. Online art class assignments can require the same art supplies and equipment as traditional art classes. For example, are you taking a photography course? You'll need a digital camera and memory card.

It definitely helps to do a little planning before you begin class to help make sure your online learning experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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