How to Succeed in Your Online Courses) 3/22/2011 <p>You&rsquo;ve decided that now is finally the time to earn your MBA. You want to enhance your care

How to Succeed in Your Online Courses

You’ve decided that now is finally the time to earn your MBA. You want to enhance your career potential, and a flexible online degree program is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You think that you’ll be able to manage your studies on your own time, which will make earning this degree easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Not so fast.

It’s important to remember that your online courses can be every bit as demanding as ones you’d take at a traditional campus-based university—sometimes even more so. As a result, you need to pay careful attention to how you manage your time. Read our tips on how to succeed in your online courses.

Stay on a Schedule
The most important first step when beginning an online course is to get organized. You’ll need to keep a schedule and stick to it, whether it’s in a notebook, on your cell phone, or on your computer. If you’re worried that this will be difficult to manage over the long term, plan out a week in advance. You might find yourself in a situation where one week you’ll study for two hours on Wednesday, whereas in the next week your Wednesday is overbooked and you’ll need to find time on another day, which is perfectly acceptable in the realm of online learning.

Be Mindful of Assignment Due Dates
Your courses will have deadlines you’ll need to keep in mind, and the temptation may be to wait until the last minute to submit them. Try to avoid this if you can because if you encounter any technical difficulties with your hardware, you may be late in submitting your work, which could have a negative impact on your final grade in the course. Aim to submit assignments a day—or at least a few hours—before the due date to avoid this predicament.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Your goal has finally become a reality—you’re pursuing a degree that could enhance your career potential and lead to a more fulfilling career.

Good luck!

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