How To Write A Great Cover Letter) 12/14/2018 <p>You&rsquo;ve found the perfect job description on an online employment site. Now it&rsquo;s time

How To Write A Great Cover Letter

You’ve found the perfect job description on an online employment site. Now it’s time to make your move and show the employer what a great fit you’d be within their company.

Your first impression is a cover letter—so make certain it showcases your strengths and experience. According to, one of the most important things you can do is differentiate your cover letter from your resume. Instead of just restating what an employer will see on your resume, let your personality shine through. Talk about your passion for the industry, a business-related article that piqued your interest, or your long-term goals. Create a connection that makes the employer want to know more about you.

Be certain not to restate the obvious point that you’re applying for a particular position. You can add the position title into your cover letter as an re: at the top of the letter but after that, presume that the reader will know which job you’re applying for. Your goal is to make sure your letter doesn’t sound like a form letter.

You should also keep your letter short and to the point. You’ve let the employer know who you are, now get them to move onto the details in your resume. adds that if you don’t know the name of the hiring decision-maker, you should forego including a salutation. Just keep it simple.

Conclude your letter in a strong and confident manner. “I look forward to talking with you and sharing how my experience will benefit your company” is much more compelling than “thanks for your time.” By following these cover letter tips, you can make a positive first impression on potential employers.

Students and alums of Argosy University receive assistance with preparing cover letters and resumes through our career services department. We can also help with mock interviews, networking and job search advice, and creating an online professional brand. Take advantage of these resources as you prepare for your next career step.


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