Motivation: The Way to Achievement) 5/5/2011 <p>&ldquo;I really want this degree, but I just don&rsquo;t feel motivated to do my work.&rdquo; Tha

Motivation: The Way to Achievement

“I really want this degree, but I just don’t feel motivated to do my work.” That’s a fairly common way that your fellow students at Argosy University - Online Programs may feel at one time or another. It can be stifling; it can make you want to give up – after all, in order to absorb information and learn, you must be motivated. So now what?

“How do I become motivated?”
If you look at motivation like a puzzle, breaking it down into individual components, you can evaluate yourself and make changes where needed. “Motivation… a puzzle?” you ask. Yes, a puzzle with five pieces:

  • Choice: Something made you decide to enroll in your degree program at Argosy University - Online Programs. Perhaps you decided to enroll because you have always had an interest in a certain profession, or perhaps it was because earning a degree could launch a new career for you – or help you to advance within your current career. Either way, there was a specific reason you made the choice to enroll in classes; in other words, a goal.
  • Effort: Instead of sitting around, waiting for your goal to magically happen (because it won’t), put in a little bit of effort and take action to make your goal attainable.
  • Persistence: Putting in a little bit of effort isn’t enough, so dig your heels is and be persistent. Keep working hard and stick with your tasks until you’re finished.
  • Engagement: Think, and think very hard, about what you are doing. In other words, engage your tasks. If you are writing a paper, engage the topic by becoming immersed in the topic. Be committed.
  • Achievement: You made a choice, you put in the effort, you were persistent and you engaged your work; therefore, you will have achieved an excellent final product and will be one step closer to your ultimate goal of earning your degree from Argosy University - Online Programs.

“I tried and it didn’t work.”
Not everything will always go as planned – that’s life. But that doesn’t mean you just give up. One bad grade is not the end of the world. Stay motivated; remember the choice you made to enroll in classes at Argosy University - Online Programs, put in the effort, engage your work and be persistent in all that you do. There will be some kind of achievement, and you will be that much closer to your goal – your degree!

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