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My Experience as a Media Arts & Animation Student

By Guest Blogger

Mike Pruitt
Media Arts & Animation Student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

It was nine years from graduating high school that I chose to continue my education. In that time, I joined the military, making a return to school seem very unlikely. The time constraints of my job would certainly conflict with any time that would be required to attend classes. However, I was introduced to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division through an advertisement online. After talking to an admissions representative about my options, I found that not only would it be easier to obtain my degree, but I would be able to work towards a career that suits me.

I have just begun to further my education, and I find it easier than I ever imagined it to be. By taking my classes online, I am still able to interact with classmates on subjects that are unfamiliar to me. This level of communication is paramount to my success. I did not want to find myself in an environment where I would feel I was learning alone. By working in a classroom such as this, I am able to compare my work with the work of other students to verify my comprehension of the lessons. Also, I can interact with them and ask questions that I may have. Each class offers a student lounge area, where students can discuss topics outside of class as well. Other than the lack of a physical presence, it is very similar to taking classes on campus.

Continuing your education can be a very daunting task for anyone, especially in an online environment. “Strategies for Online Learning” is a class that goes a long way in preparing you for all of the tasks that will help you to become successful in your studies. This was my very first class, and I have found it to be the best tool to help me plan for what's ahead and keep me on track. From making a schedule to teaching me how to avoid plagiarism, this class and my teacher, Mrs. Vicki Murray, have given me the fundamental tools necessary for the future. This particular class also offers great insight as to what kind of learner you are and the personality traits you possess. Discovering this about yourself goes a long way towards understanding what you require to be successful and to find your learning strengths and deficiencies.

The deciding factor for me to return to school was finally finding something that interested me. I have a great appreciation for art and the classes provided help to improve the skills you already have or to realize them if you have not yet discovered them. This institution has provided me with a great source of knowledge and excellent instructors. The ability to apply yourself within the online classroom is easier than some would imagine, only adding to your success. I am thankful to all who take part in making this school available to me and building my education.

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