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My Experience with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

By Guest Blogger

Sabrina Reynolds
Student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

It has been quite an experience so far becoming an Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division student. The truth is, I had previously been in college but found it overwhelming because, with the online classes, bookstore accessibility and assistance were not as readily available. I had nearly decided to give up, at least for awhile. One unusual day, I wound up speaking to three different colleges, but had it in mind that I probably wouldn’t attend at this time, and was really just listening to them to be nice.

I have to admit that my perception entirely changed when I spoke with my enrollment person from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division. He kept my interest going because, with all of the assistance he provided, it was impossible to not consider such an important offer.

The huge difference between online learning here versus online learning in other schools is that here you do not ever feel alone or overly independent. Other schools and people have a tendency to assume that if you are an online learner, you prefer to do things all by yourself. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division not only treats you like a valued and important student even though you are not in a traditional classroom, but they convince you that you are. They recognize that online work is just as difficult and complicated as a job you attend in person every day. They never judge you as being lazy or incompetent. They do not think of you as a computer screen, but as a person just as if you had met them one on one.

I just started attending here in early May. I am only going part time, but even in doing so, this college offers so many valuable tools to succeed. There were a variety of people in my first class and the teacher was always helpful and specific. Not only is there plenty of assistance within the classroom, but there are several short courses, self paced courses, tutorials, etc. This helps you with every single area of interest you need, and almost makes you feel like you have already graduated and are looking for work.

One day, I was invited to attend a live session from an actual Web Designer. I thought I was going to be bored and hear the same old thing I’d heard before, but instead I walked away with a bigger desire to continue reaching for my dreams, and at least a page and a half of notes consisting of all of the legitimate ways to do this. I just couldn’t believe that a huge web designer who has years of experience and success took the time to break down every single scenario and question as if he was a best friend you have known for years. In no way did he ever make you feel like he was above you, even if you were completely clueless as to the definition of his job.

In conclusion, the motivation I have gained here is completely sincere and personal; this is not just me complimenting people to be nice. I am confident that in this school, I will continue to feel the same way, even after I am done.

Are you an Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division student interested in writing for this blog? Check the Welcome Center in the Campus Common to find out how!

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