My Online Learning Experience) 8/2/2011 <p><strong>By Guest Blogger<br /> Barb Schaaf<br /> Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Student

My Online Learning Experience

By Guest Blogger
Barb Schaaf
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Student at Argosy University – Online Programs

Hello Argosy University – Online students! My name is Barb Schaaf and I am reporting to you live from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am currently a freshman nearing the end of my second session. When I am finished I will have my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with concentrations in Forensic Psychology and Corrections.

Attend school on a full-time basis? No problem! Piece of cake! At least, that was what I thought until I accessed my class for the first time. I started looking over all of the required readings and assignments and suddenly wondered what in the world I had gotten myself in to. I was obviously out of my mind! Work full-time, attend school full-time, and take care of my two year old daughter? How could I have thought that I could do this? Well, because apparently I can! Let’s just say that it didn’t take long for me to start using a calendar to keep track of all of my assignments. Once I had them all laid out on a calendar and saw how quickly I was able to mark them off it didn’t seem nearly as overwhelming.

That lasted until I realized I was going to have to take math in my second session. I’m not a math person. I’ve never been a math person. I was horrible at math in high school and I still am. Well, guess what? As this second session is coming quickly to an end I have found out that I actually am a math person. It’s amazing how much better you can be at something if you actually apply yourself! Crazy!

In my next two sessions I’m going to be tackling my next hurdle…writing. I’m not a writer. I never have been. It’s not so much that I don’t like to write as it is that I don’t like for people to see what I write. I’m just not very good at it. So, why would I submit this article? Well, there’s no better time to begin getting over my anxiety than the present!

This journey has just begun. So far my online experience has been great and I do not regret my decision at all. However, I know that my classes are going to get more challenging and my instructors are going to require more from me. I may as well begin requiring more from myself now so that when the time comes I will be prepared for those challenges. So, let’s say that this article is my first step in that direction!

Are you an Argosy University student interested in writing for this blog? Check the Welcome Center in the Campus Common to find out how!

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