Networking Tips To Help You Stand Out) 12/3/2018 <p>No matter where you are in life, it helps to have a strong career network of trusted professional

Networking Tips To Help You Stand Out

No matter where you are in life, it helps to have a strong career network of trusted professionals—people who offer job advice and let you know about job openings. To build these connections, you may need to step outside your comfort zone—but you’ll discover that most people are excited to help others move up in the industry or embark upon a new direction.

Start your networking with these quick tips:

  • If you’re still in school, build relationships with fellow students and faculty. Let them know about your career goals and be open to hearing theirs. After graduation, jobs may take you and your friends to different locations, but your paths may cross again—when a new job opens up or someone decides to start their own company.
  • Attend industry-related conferences and get-togethers. Many cities have informal meet-ups that are job-specific, from communications professionals to software engineers. Find the right group in your city and stop in at the next meeting. Bring business cards, dress the part, and introduce yourself with a confident handshake. Be sure to collect business cards from the people that you meet, too, and follow up with them to let them know you’re glad to be part of their professional community.
  • Do your research. If there’s a company that you really admire, follow it on LinkedIn or other social media. In many cases, companies post articles that allow readers to give feedback and ask questions. Take the time to read and respond to blog posts and use the communications as a basis to connect with people working at the company. If a job posting comes up, you’ll have an “in” with potential decisionmakers.
  • Be prepared to give back. If you see an opportunity in your community to put your knowledge to use, volunteer your time. You’ll likely meet other people in your industry—and you’ll gain resume building experience. You may also want to mentor someone new to the industry. Just as you’ve learned from more experienced professionals, give others the chance to learn from you!

At Argosy University, we encourage our students and graduates to build a strong network within their industry. Learn more about you can become part of our alumni network, which is spread across the world—and how it can help you to reach your professional goals.

Contact Argosy University’s admissions department at 1-855-725-4299. 

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