Online Learning Gives You the Gift of Time) 7/18/2011 <p>Many students probably pondered attending a campus-based school before ultimately becoming an onl

Online Learning Gives You the Gift of Time

Many students probably pondered attending a campus-based school before ultimately becoming an online student. For them, online seemed like the most practical choice. In addition to offering convenience and flexibility, many have found that the online learning environment provides them with extra time to focus on other areas of their life, where campus-based learning may have put them in more of a pinch. Below are just a few of the ways online learning can give students the gift of time.

You Don’t Commute
As an online student, you don’t have to worry about driving to class every day. Whether you’re at home, at the library, or in the park enjoying the sunshine, as long as you have your computer and internet access, you have the ability to attend class. Not only that, but you won’t need to worry about spending extra money on gas, or any fares required to park on campus. You can put the money you would’ve spent on those items aside for something more important your family might need down the road.

You Have More Time to Study
Imagine that you had decided to attend school at a local campus. You probably have an idea of how much time you would spend driving to class. If it would be thirty minutes each way, for example, you can use that extra hour you’ve gained to spend more time on your coursework.

You Have More Time for Your Family
For many online students, this is the most important benefit of online learning. Your time is precious. You work forty hours a week and have many family obligations. If, when you look at your schedule for the day, the only time you have available to complete your coursework is after your kids go to bed, you have the ability to do this. You wouldn’t be likely to find many night classes at a campus-based location that begin at 10pm!

If you ever feel overwhelmed, help is never far away. Discuss your concerns with your Academic Counselor, whose contact information can be found on the home page of the Campus Common.

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