Online Photography Degree: Bring Your Passion into Focus) 10/20/2011 <p>Are you a snapshot shooter or something more? Do you see your photography as an artistic expressi

Online Photography Degree: Bring Your Passion into Focus

Are you a snapshot shooter or something more? Do you see your photography as an artistic expression of yourself and the world around you? Is your deepest desire to perfect your art, taking it to the next level? If so, an online photography degree may be just what you’re looking for.

Photography is different than other art forms in that the photographer has to work with what nature gives him, as it is, with a limited ability to change it. Oh yeah, many photos today are Photoshopped before printing, but to a true photographer, that’s cheating. The only thing that a diehard photographer will use to modify their shots is lighting and filters. While a painter may be able to remove power lines and buildings that are in the way of their landscape, a photographer needs to learn to use them.

More than anything, photography is about using light to make the image. In reality, that’s all the camera sees. To be a photographer means learning to see things how the camera sees them—light and shadow, color, composition—all through the limited eye of the camera. Composition in photography consists of moving the camera to find the composition that you want, rather than moving the subject.

Even though electronic images are all around us, most of them start out as photographs, images that a photographer with a keen eye has seen and recorded. Somebody else may change and manipulate those images, but it still takes the eye of the photographer to find them in the first place. No camera can provide those elements; it takes the skill of a trained photographer.

While studying for your online photography degree, you’ll study composition, fundamentals of design, studio lighting, editing photos in the digital darkroom, photography on location and a host of other related subjects. Your knowledge in both techniques and artistic creation will have the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds, enabling you to create better photographs that express your passion even more than before.

What better place is there to study for your online photography degree than an institution that understands the art of photography? Where better than The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, where our instructors are artists themselves, who can guide you on the path to greater creativity and expression.

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