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Overcoming Your Fear This Summer

by Guest Blogger Dan Friedman, PsyD, MBA
Argosy University, Online Programs Faculty Member
College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Happy (belated) Independence Day everyone! I don’t at all want for you to think that I can go several months without a blog idea. In fact, I have had dozens, but blogging is not yet a habit--perhaps the next blog post will be related to forming positive and productive habits.

Today let us discuss fear as related to athletic performance (but this can apply to many other situations as well). My friend Kevin is absolutely the best and most accomplished athlete in my social circle. For three years running, we have won the July 4th bags tournament in his back yard. This is by no means an officially sanctioned tournament—it is more just something where we all want to win and to perform well. As an aside, bags is also called cornhole.

I am going to describe a visualization exercise that has been met with much success. The first critical component is to acknowledge the fear. (I was genuinely experiencing fear about my performance in this tournament.) Really though, feeling like you don’t fit in, that you are not going to blend in or that you will not be helpful is a common fear, regardless of the setting.

Imagine that this fear is like a tidal wave crashing across your ears and face, knocking you back and creating internal panic. Initially, you may think it is wave after wave, but then imagine it is actually just one wave—crashing and crushing, but it is alone and will settle at your ankles. Remember, we are strong; we are brave. Just take a few steps forward and enjoy the dry land, the sun and the confidence!

See you atop the podium,
Dr. Dan Friedman

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