Parents' Day - School Family Balance) 7/11/2018 <p><strong>Balancing Parenting and School</strong></p> <p>Your kids have homework. And now you have

Parents' Day - School Family Balance

Balancing Parenting and School

Your kids have homework. And now you have homework, too.

You want to provide for your family or move up the ladder at work. Maybe you’re eyeing a new career that requires additional education. While you’re excited about the possibilities, your kids may see your continuing education as something that’s taking away from family time.

Finding the right balance between home and school can be difficult. But done right, it can set a strong example for kids about what can be successfully accomplished when you put your mind to it.

Talk with your kids about the changes

Let your kids know that just like them, you’re going to school. And while their school make take place during the day, yours may meet at night or even online. Tell them that you’ll hold yourself accountable for getting good grades—and will even celebrate report cards the same way that you do when they get a good report card.

By making the experience relatable and getting everyone on board from the start, your schooling becomes a known and acceptable part of the family routine.

Get advice from someone who has been through it

When you’re starting your studies at Argosy University, ask your admissions counselor for advice on maintaining balance. You may even talk to friends, current students, or alums for their tips.

Set a schedule

Let your kids know that you’ll be hitting the books—but they’re still your priority. Set aside family study time when they can work on independent projects and you can do your homework alongside them. When possible, keep the schedule as consistent as possible.

Take online classes after the kids go to bed

Sleep is important, so don’t stay up too late. But taking online courses on your own schedule—after the kids are in bed or early in the morning—minimizes the amount of time that you’re unavailable for family activities.

Know that sometimes, you’ll need to punt

The best laid plans aren’t foolproof. If you get in a jam and can’t meet a deadline, don’t get upset. Do you best and let your kids know that sometimes, plans change. If you’ve had a very busy week at work and need a few extra hours to finish an assignment that’s on deadline, plan for a family dinner or outing for after the assignment is done. Bonus points: let the kids in on the planning so that they feel the benefits of being flexible.

Have a backup plan in place for when you need it

If your busy work week turns into a busy work month, you’ll need additional support. Before you start the semester, talk to friends or family and let them know that you are committed to balancing family and school—but that you may need some help. Asking in advance is much better than having to ask at the last minute. And be sure to offer up your help when you have time available—those same friends may need you in the future.

Talk about your success

You’re a role model to your kids. Tell them when you get a good grade. Talk about challenges and how you overcame them. Show them that hard work pays off. When they have their own challenges, they can look back on how you overcame tough times—and be inspired to do the same.

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