Pre-Call Research: The Best Sales Intelligence in Businesses Today) 2/1/2013 <p>The Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, once said, “We view our customers as invited guests to

Pre-Call Research: The Best Sales Intelligence in Businesses Today

The Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, once said, “We view our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It is our daily obligation to ensure that the customer’s experience is made better each day.” He meant that every business ought to ensure that it does the very best to attract prospects, turn them into customers, keep them, and ensure that they tell others about the business. In the past, techniques such as cold calling were used. However, businesses today are heavily relying on pre-call research as the best sales intelligence.

It hastens the sales process
Every business aims at growing fast. Time is money, after all. Pre-call research eliminates time wastage caused by trial and error. The research gives sales representatives the necessary skills to turn prospects into sales within a short time. If you plan to sell fast during a call, ample pre-call research is mandatory. This type of sales intelligence will help you know exactly what your prospects need and desire, helping you strategize wisely.

Cost reduction in prospecting
In the past, companies spent a lot of money prospecting. This is a sales technique that requires a lot of investment. Pre-call research significantly reduces these costs. Companies lose when they have limited information about a particular prospect. The lesser the information, the more time spent prospecting, subsequently leading to more costs. Sufficient research helps you know everything necessary about a particular prospect and how to turn him or her into a customer.

Prioritization of prospects
92% of customer interactions take place via phone calls. This is according to Caliper Corp. When there are numerous prospects, it is imperative that they are prioritized based on probability of becoming customers. Performing pre-call research has helped businesses effectively invest in serious prospects that are most likely to become customers. With prospect prioritization, the business saves time, energy and resources as it has a clear view of who to deal with first and why.

Effective sales strategizing
Studies have shown that pre-call research helps develop the most successful strategies. Adequately knowing your prospect before talking to him or her helps you prepare the best method of approach and how to conduct the meeting. The research also ensures that you know how to handle the client’s reactions. Sales professionals who have prospect knowledge prior to the interaction record more success rates than sales professionals who do not perform pre-call research.


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