Responsible Borrowing and You: Part Six) 1/17/2012 <p>Welcome to part 6 of Responsible Borrowing and You. Today, we&rsquo;re looking at more ways to sa

Responsible Borrowing and You: Part Six

Welcome to part 6 of Responsible Borrowing and You. Today, we’re looking at more ways to save on your education.

How else can you save for your education- think about it! The possibilities are endless and you are in control!

Complete your degree in a timely manner

  • The longer to complete your degree, the more cost you will incur. Successful completion of your classes is important. Every time you fail a course, you will need to pay additional to re-take it.
  • Set a goal to complete your degree with your academic counselor.
  • Use your timeline to stay on track and complete on time.

Have good study skills

  • Don’t let social and financial commitments divert you from your degree goals.
  • Speak to your academic advisor or instructor about coping with stresses of going to college.

There is a direct correlation between student borrowing and success, so this is as important as the lessons you learn in the classroom. Students that find alternate means for funding their education tend to graduate sooner; they place themselves in better positions for other “lifestyle” loans; and in the end, they graduate with less student debt.

So, as you embark on your educational venture, take the time to discuss your options with your Admissions Representative and your Finance Counselor, but do not stop there. Ask your employer, your friends and family; search the web and apply for all grants and scholarships.

Though this can be time consuming, every effort you make will be paid back in large dividends! That monthly payment towards your education, the hours you spend applying for grants and scholarships and the extra time you take to complete each class with the best grade is your investment in you!

We hope that our series on Responsible Borrowing has been helpful and informative. Congratulations on your decision to make a brighter future for yourself and good luck!

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