Seven "Words" That Aren't) 11/10/2011 <p>Similarly to our misused words blog posts, we give you a list of frequently-used &ldquo;words&rd

Seven "Words" That Aren't

Similarly to our misused words blog posts, we give you a list of frequently-used “words” that are not actually words at all. You hear them all the time, and if you know better, you may feel a familiar pang of annoyance whenever they are uttered:

  • Irregardless – If someone uses this “word,” what they really mean is “regardless.”
  • Pacifically – The word you’re actually looking for here is “specifically,” and, thankfully, use of the correct word is not limited to those of you on the west coast!
  • Supposably – This one comes up quite frequently, but what you really want to say is “supposedly.”
  • Self-depreciating – To “depreciate” is to decrease in value, so it’s no surprise that this pops up from time to time. The correct terminology, however, is “self-deprecating.”
  • Disorientated – No need to add the extra letters here, folks. What you’re really looking for is “disoriented.”
  • Flustrated – This is probably a combination of “frustrated” and “flustered,” but it’s also incorrect. Use one of the correct words to express your point instead.
  • Unthaw – To thaw is to melt, so if you’re unthawing something, you’re actually freezing it.

Do you have other “words” that drive you crazy each time you hear them? Be sure to let us know!

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