Simple Tips to Reduce Your Stress at the Office) 4/14/2014 <p>Stress can have damaging effects on your health, and it can cause you to perform poorly in every

Simple Tips to Reduce Your Stress at the Office

Stress can have damaging effects on your health, and it can cause you to perform poorly in every aspect of life. The causes of stress are numerous, but they can be alleviated by taking a proactive approach to managing your mental load.

There are multiple work-related factors that are likely to cause stress, but managing these effectively can reduce the toll that this stress takes on your body, enable you to perform better and live a happier life. In recognition of Stress Awareness Month, here are a few simple steps for managing your stress at the office.

Be Prepared for Your Workday

One of the most common stress-inducing scenarios is being under-prepared. Think about the last time you didn't have the information or the time to complete a project. Remember the pressure you felt? Now, think of a time when you were more prepared. You probably felt relaxed and eager to get started.

Preparation involves following an effective plan of action. Creating and following a plan of action can help you ensure that you have ample time to accomplish each of your tasks before the project or presentation is to be unveiled. Along with planning and implementing a schedule, use all of the tools at your disposal to ensure that you are on track. Try mobile apps or other online tools that keep track of milestones for each of your daily tasks. These aides will allow you to monitor and adjust your schedule to keep you from falling behind.

Decompress Throughout the Day

The steady pull of your work-related responsibilities is enough to affect your mind and body in potentially devastating ways. Taking a little time away from your assignments to decompress allows you to reflect on your daily chores and recharge your battery so you can start each task with clarity.

Eating your lunch or taking a break away from the office is an effective way to decompress during working hours. Staying in your office during these times doesn't allow you to properly segment your day, and you are likely to constantly feel the tug of your duties. To avoid this, eat at a local restaurant or, if you bring your lunch to work, eat it in a nearby park -- weather permitting.

Don't Skip Your Daily Exercise

Regular exercise provides a wealth of stress-relieving benefits as well as benefits for your overall health. A daily routine that incorporates regular exercise can help you with stress management while also improving your mood and energy. However, you need not go crazy with your workout plans; a simple regiment of 30-minute workouts, 3 or 4 times a week will provide all that you need to look and feel your best at work.

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