Student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division Weigh in on the Benefits of the Online Library) 12/1/2011 <p>During the last week of October, we held a contest in the <a href=""

Student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division Weigh in on the Benefits of the Online Library

During the last week of October, we held a contest in the Campus Common called “Fantastic Fall.” You can read more about it in this earlier blog post.

The first location in which the Fantastic Fall scarecrow was hidden was the Online Library, and our students were not shy about sharing how the library has enhanced their online learning experience. Here’s a small sample of what some of them had to say:

I am a current Photography student here at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division and the Online Library is a great resource to me. I have used it on several occasions to help with assignments; the video tutorials are a useful tool. I have browsed through the creative images on the Getty Images page. I love seeing the world through other photographers’ eyes; it gives me inspiration. I have enjoyed reading Photo Technique Magazine. I have also checked out other areas of study such as Culinary Arts. I love the Fine Cooking Magazine; It has wonderful recipes. The Cooks Thesaurus is also helpful when finding explanations to unknown ingredients in some recipes I am interested in. –Melissa Mendez, BS in Photography

I use the library for a lot of research projects as well as to catch up on the latest editions of my favorite designing magazines. While I am new to the online school, I am very much acquainted with my local libraries and what they have to offer. Here I can do so much more. I can do research, read books and magazines, and obtain digital images in the Online Library. It is stocked with whatever we need for class and then some. I have read magazines and researched the interior design collections.—Joy Talsma, BS in Interior Design

I remember utilizing the Online Library extensively while taking the Fundamentals of Media Communications class. I combed through the books and articles there when researching for several assignments on the different types of communication and how the media has affected our lives over the years. The library was most helpful to me when researching information for my final paper for the class. The topic I chose was the history of the Internet and how it has changed so many aspects of our daily lives today. Through my research I was able to show how the telegraph system was the first step to a worldwide communications system laid out with the first transatlantic telegraph cables. I know that this particular resource, the Online Library, will benefit me immensely as I continue on through my academic career here at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. –Kelly Bowman, AS in Web Design & Interactive Media

The Online Library has helped me greatly in the past when referencing the history and documentation of specific works of fine and modern art, as well as the evolution of mediums throughout the years with the advancement of technology. I have been asked, in the past, to write short research papers regarding my chosen field of study as well, and the resources available through the Online Library have not only provided me with professional and reliable references, but have also enhanced my overall learning experience by being able to easily maneuver through selective material at a whim without the sometimes overly exhaustive work that is often the staple marker of a student referencing ground-based libraries. I know very well just how important the Online Library is for a non-traditional student, and I highly appreciate the intangible value that it presents from a personal perspective.—Julie Hartmann, BS in Game Art & Design

The school’s Online Library is a great source for finding just about anything related to your field and other fields of interest within the school. Asking for assistance is easy and the librarian is more than willing to help you when you need it.

I have used our own library in the past for classes such as Art History and English and I am certain I will be using it in the near future. I am constructing a fifteen page research paper on Pop Art and Dadaism relating the two to cultural icons today and this source is one of the most valuable I have as far as finding the right information.—Alicia Williams, BS in Graphic Design

Stay tuned for our next post, featuring students’ thoughts on the Tutoring Center!

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