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Student Testimonials on the Tutoring Center

In our previous post, we revealed student testimonials of the Online Library, taken from our “Fantastic Fall” contest. In this post, we’re showcasing responses to our second Fantastic Fall scarecrow location, the Tutoring Center. Here’s what just a few of our students had to say:

I recently had to utilize the formatting style of MLA Citations. Thank goodness for the Tutoring Center, I was able to find websites that provided help with the formatting while writing my papers. Not to mention the tutorials available: Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketchup and 3ds max. These are just a few of many available. There is even an Essay Center; I really don’t think I would have made it this far without the Tutoring Center. There is always an online tutor available to help, so if you’re like me and need some additional help with one of your classes you should definitely give it a try. I have been enrolled here at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division since Feb. 2011 I will have to admit I use the Tutoring Center for everything; I would really be lost without it! –Dawn Tatum, Residential Planning Diploma

I am currently a student here at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division studying for my Bachelor of Science in Photography and I have been using the Tutoring Center for most of the class I am currently in. I am currently taking basic mathematics and the Tutoring Center has helped me to learn so many new math problems while being able to complete assignments without being frustrated. The Tutoring Center has made being in college much more enjoyable and if it were not for them, I would not be about to pass my first college math course.

Every time I go to the Tutoring Center, the tutors are always willing to help me; they want to make sure that I understand everything and they let me work my problem out, so I can make sure I do it right. I just visited the Tutoring Center this morning because I did not believe I could do my math practice exercises without their help and in less than 3 hours I had all 10 problems completed and ready for submission. The Tutoring Center is a wonderful place for students who have trouble with math or any other type of subject and when you go there, you will leave understanding how to complete the question again if need be. I am just so thankful for the Tutoring Center and all they have done for me in the last 5 weeks. –Ginger Franklin, BS in Photography

As an Advertising student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division, I had to use Illustrator, not one of my strong points. I had become accustomed to using Photoshop for everything. When I entered my Illustration and Rapid Visualization class and saw that it was an Illustrator based class, I immediately went over to the tutorial section. I had never used it before, but after using it (the software tutorials provided) and coming out that class with an A, I definitely recommend anyone who is having trouble with software, MLA, or just general class assignments to visit the Tutoring Center. You will not regret it! –Roland Royal, BS in Advertising

The Tutoring Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all the information is there for students to utilize whenever they need it. You can find online tutorials on how to use software or if you need help with the MLA writing style. also offers live online tutors available from 10am - 4am, to help you with math and science. I know that if I needed some help Algebra, I would surely look to the Tutoring Center for help! And as a web design student, I will be using a lot of new software and I am glad there is a place I can go to get some extra help.—Lorrie Beard, AS in Web Design & Interactive Media

I have used the Tutoring Center several times over the last two and a half years that I have been an online Graphic Design student. This service has really helped me a lot with my understanding of program software. Last year when I was really tired from taking chemo for cancer I was able to maintain my 4.0 GPA using this service. It really came in handy when I was taking algebra because I am an older student and did not have that class because it was not a required course during my high school years. I just want to say thanks for all the support that we get here online.

I don't think that my skills would be advanced if it weren't for the online tutorials for the graphics programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator or InDesign. Once again, thanks for the support. It has been really helpful and a wonderful and rewarding experience. I came to college at the age of 53 and never thought that I would be able to maintain the GPA that I have, thanks to these services I have been proven wrong. –Sharon Fiely, BS in Graphic Design

Most people, when you say “Tutoring Center,” think strictly of one-on-one tutoring, but the Tutoring Center is a whole lot more than that. I personally have used the software tutorials for Illustrator and Photoshop. I have also used the link for the Purdue Owl website when I have needed MLA information. I haven’t used the one-on-one tutoring as of yet. But then again, I am only in my 5th class here at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division and most of my classes have been transitional classes. However, I am sure I will need help in the future, and there is such a vast array of one-on-one tutoring to be had. –Lisa Plumlee, BS in Graphic Design

Stay tuned for our final student testimonial installment, featuring the Technical Support Center.

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