Students Sound Off on the Online Library) 12/22/2011 <p>During the last week of October, students at Argosy University were invited to participate in the

Students Sound Off on the Online Library

During the last week of October, students at Argosy University were invited to participate in the “Fantastic Fall” contest. Read more about it here. We asked current students to share their thoughts on the Online Library, the Tutoring Center, and the Technical Support Center. In the next three blog posts, we’ll highlight some of their comments, starting with the Online Library. Read what students had to say below:

While attending Argosy University, the Online Library has been helpful in researching papers I've had to write. As an online student, it is so convenient to have a library at my fingertips. One of the main reasons for continuing my education online is that having two jobs and raising a family does not always make it easy to attend college in person. Being an online student allows me to study and research my work at odd times that would not fit into an on-ground campus. The Online Library will continue to be a good tool for me to complete my education at a convenience that my busy life requires.—Tiffany Richards, BA in Psychology

The Online Library has been very beneficial to me in researching topics that I am studying in my classes. The Argosy library has a wide variety of books, articles, and journals that I normally wouldn't have access to. These professional resources have been and will continue to be helpful to me in learning how to research and integrating that information into my educational ability.—Leah Schillo, BA in Psychology

I have used the Online Library to find almost anything imaginable! There are books, journals, peer reviewed articles and so much more. Whenever I have a course assignment that necessitates that need to use an informational resource, the Argosy library is where I turn to first! —Robin Younger, BS in Criminal Justice

I have used the Online Library numerous times this session for my Comp I class. ProQuest has been an incredible help in finding information for my paper on the responsibility that celebrities have for their behavior and how it affects children and adults. I am sure as I continue on in my studies that I will be continuing to utilize the library for research. –Barbara Schaaf, BS in Criminal Justice

I often go to the Online Library, as it always has a journal, a dissertation, an article or even a video that I can research and use in my studies. I find it to be a very useful option/resource and have been using it for quite some time. I have been in my program for a little over two years (am about to graduate) and can say that the Online Library has never failed me. I recommend it to everyone.—Myrna Garcia, MA in Forensic Psychology

I have used the Online Library many times in the past, and I'm sure I will continue to use it in the future. For several papers and essays I have referred to the Online Library to search for resources and information to help make my papers richer and more credible. I have enjoyed what the library has evolved into, because it has become even easier to use! There have even been times where I've been curious about certain topics not explored in the classroom assignment-wise. Even though it has not been required to look certain things up on a deeper level, I have used the Online Library to help satisfy my curiosity. I'm sure that I will use the online library for both of these reasons in the future as well.—Kristin Treadway, BA in Psychology

Be sure to join us for our next post, featuring comments from students on the Campus Common’s Tutoring Center.

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