Studying Humanities Abroad is La Dolce Vita!) 5/8/2012 <p>How do you feel about studying Italian Arts, Music and History? How about studying those same top

Studying Humanities Abroad is La Dolce Vita!

How do you feel about studying Italian Arts, Music and History? How about studying those same topics with instructors from Italy, and having the opportunity to complete your course in Rome itself? You can now do it through Argosy University and our Italian partner, Marconi University!

Argosy students looking to satisfy Humanities credits may be eligible to participate in this rare and exclusive study abroad partnership, where your curriculum will be taught online by Marconi University’s faculty, and your coursework will culminate in the opportunity to travel to Italy and tour Marconi’s campus in Rome. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have an international learning experience that articulates back into three Humanities credits towards your Argosy University degree.

So, what are the course outcomes? Read Marconi’s overview, or read the full course description:

  1. The knowledge of styles, currents and individual personalities in the Italian arts
  2. The knowledge of the main aspects of the work of art production
  3. The ability to create links between different works of art or between different artists
  4. The ability to understand the different documents of the Italian cultural and artistic heritage
  5. The ability to design artistic itineraries based on the different themes proposed

Sounds interesting, si? We’ve listed some of the details below, but you’ll want to contact your Academic Counselor to find out if the Italian Arts, Music and History course is right for you.

  • Course length is five weeks, conducted through the Marconi University online campus
  • The coursework is English-taught, and your classmates will be fellow Argosy students
  • Completion of the course will articulate three Humanities credits into your program at Argosy University (the equivalent of one Humanities course)
  • Your final exam for the course will be conducted in Rome, on campus, at Marconi University (you do have the option to decline the trip and complete the course entirely online if you choose)
  • The course is tentatively set for August/September enrollment; more details will be provided very soon! You can also learn about Marconi University at

Want to know more? Chat with your Academic Counselor today!

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