The Future of Advertising and Marketing) 2/17/2012 <p>Welcome to the first installment in our blog series taking a look at the future of some the occup

The Future of Advertising and Marketing

Welcome to the first installment in our blog series taking a look at the future of some the occupational fields you’ll find here at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Today, we’re going to be looking at some trends and career outlooks in Advertising.

Perhaps more than any other form of media, Advertising is being transformed by the Internet, social media and mobile technology.

As technology has evolved, the world of the “Mad Men” of the advertising industry has almost completely disappeared. Whereas advertising used to be a one-way communication with brands sending messages to their audience, today it is a two-way communication. The internet and its related technologies now allow for unprecedented conversation between brands and their customers.

As Danielle Sacks put it in a lengthy article about the future of advertising in Fast Company magazine:

“Thanks to the Internet and digital technology, agencies are finding that the realization of their clients' ultimate fantasy -- the ability to customize a specific message to a specific person at a specific moment -- is within their grasp. It is also one very complex nightmare. After all, digital isn't just one channel. It's a medium that blooms thousands of other mediums.”

You can hear similar themes echoed in this interview with Ad tycoon Miles Nadal -- founder and CEO of MDC Partners, one of the largest advertising holding companies in the world."

So, what does this mean for students looking to pursue a career in advertising? Well, first, what is the market supposed to be like? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“Employment is projected to grow about as fast as average. As with most managerial jobs, keen competition is expected for these highly coveted positions.

"Overall employment of advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers is expected to increase by 13 percent through 2018. Job growth will be spurred by competition for a growing number of goods and services, both foreign and domestic, and the need to make one’s product or service stand out in the crowd.”

So, it’s going to be a competitive marketplace, what can a graduate do to stand out? According to the Advertising Educational Foundation:

“With all the competition for jobs in advertising, you must develop your own "unique selling proposition" to communicate your own unique qualities. It's not enough that you are interested in advertising or that you made the dean's list eight times or that you wrote for the school newspaper. So did most of your competition. You have to connect what you've done in the past, in a unique way, to what you will do for the agency in the future. Developing a strategy gets your commitment, imagination, and analytical thinking out in the limelight. It is key to making you stand out from other candidates.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the future of advertising – for more information, here are links to the full articles mentioned above:

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