The Society for Human Resource Management President Speaks Out) 6/30/2011 <p><strong>By Guest Blogger<br /> Laurie Rhind<br /> Argosy University - Online Programs Society for

The Society for Human Resource Management President Speaks Out

By Guest Blogger
Laurie Rhind
Argosy University - Online Programs Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) President

Membership truly does have advantages!

When you join national SHRM, you don’t just get the national membership benefits (which are impressive!), you also become eligible to join our virtual student SHRM chapter. The cost is a mere $35.00/year compared to the full price of membership at $180.00/year. You may wonder what this membership is all about and why it is important to belong to the National Group. SHRM at the national level is a well-respected organization in the Human Resource field; some have called it THE premier association in HR. If you plan on being a Human Resource Manager, or work in any professional field that involves a lot of people skills, it is in your best interest to join. The rewards of this organization are virtually limitless. It is the one stop to access all information pertaining to all aspects of the Human Resource position you may hold. SHRM is known to be the lifeline of many HRM at all levels; I am one who believes this. I have accessed their site many times for professional and now educational use. What we can’t stress enough is how they disseminate information for us to stay up to date on legal issues and federal laws. They are there as a resource to assist you in the time of need. So, please understand if you want to join our group, a National SHRM membership is required. We don’t want to be rude by not allowing you to join; however, strict guidelines have been set for us to abide by at this time. There is no way for us to cut a corner.

Please check out, sign up for a membership and come join our group. We are young, yet growing. Please come visit us or send an email, we would like to hear from you with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.

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