The Technical Support Center Through the Eyes of Our Students) 12/8/2011 <p>In our final post in this Fantastic Fall Student Testimonial Series , we uncover what our student

The Technical Support Center Through the Eyes of Our Students

In our final post in this Fantastic Fall Student Testimonial Series , we uncover what our students had to say about the Campus Common’s Technical Support Center, and about the Technical Support team in general. Check out their responses:

I have used Technical Support many times while attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division. As a student in the Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media program, working through technical issues is a must! The first time I used Technical Support was because I was having issues getting into the classroom. I called and they helped. Then I needed my password reset because I ended up locked out, again! I have also used the Technical Support area to read up on information in their latest news, especially when it comes to plug-ins and web browser information. If it were not for Technical Support, I think that some of the issues I have had would not have been fixed and I would still be stuck figuring them out on my own. I also like the fact they have the quick links and resources in one area where I do not have to scroll down or try to remember which menu to look under for them. I can use Technical Support page to go directly to the Digital Bookshelf or the Tutoring Center. I will most certainly use Technical Support again because it is a definite life saver! –Ptiah Taylor, BS in Web Design & Interactive Media

Technical Support has been there multiple times for me, and even when my issues haven't been classroom-based, they still provided help to solve my problems. Recently, Technical Support helped to solve my browser issues that kept me from uploading assignments through Firefox. Months ago, I had a virus that was causing problems with my classroom experience, and I was helped to find software to solve the problems. It doesn't matter if it's two in the afternoon or two in the morning, Technical Support is always there, and always fast and efficient. I tend to be the two in the morning type person. There is a great support team whenever there are technical issues that help you solve the problem. –Catherine Rye, AS in Kitchen & Bath Design

In one particular case, I recall finding myself unable to upload any new image and document files from my computer for homework submission. Immediately, Technical Support knew the problem and resolved it by informing me as to what I should do to rectify the issue, and it worked! The wonderful staff even stayed on the phone with me during the entire process to make sure that their 'fix' was not only understood, but that it helped. Technical Support does not end there, though. They are always willing to answer questions regarding software and peripherals as required for each class in the event that something seems out of place. –Julie Hartmann, BS in Game Art & Design

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of student testimonial posts, and, if you’re a current student with us, that you take the time to experience these areas of the Campus Common on your own.

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