The Value of Peer Relationships) 3/18/2013 <p>Many of you, our students, have chosen careers that involve helping others. You will affect many

The Value of Peer Relationships

Many of you, our students, have chosen careers that involve helping others. You will affect many people with your work in psychology, business, education, health sciences and criminal justice, but you can start by helping your own peers here at Argosy University, Online Programs. Here are just a few ways that our classmates can help each other.

1. You can overcome many of your challenges and concerns together. Do you get overwhelmed by your responsibilities for school and for work? Your peers might have advice on managing busy schedules, or maybe you can share your own tips. Not sure how to use the online classroom? A classmate can help. Are you nervous about taking online classes? Find another classmate who had the same fear; they might now be excelling in their studies.

Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is battling and overcoming the challenges you face can inspire you to do the same.

2. You can hold each other accountable. If you are friends with your peers, you’ll feel more connected to Argosy University, Online Programs and be more likely to stick with it through to graduation. Plus, one of you will notice if the other person hasn’t been around in a while. You can encourage each other to hang in there and to believe in yourself. You came to school to achieve your goals, but sometimes you might need someone to remind you that.

3. You can have interesting, in depth conversations about your studies. Your friends and family may enjoy hearing about what you are studying, but they may not have the time or the knowledge to discuss the theory behind it or analyze every sentence of the article you just read. With your peers, you’ll be able to talk about your common interests and share your opinions on the topics you’re studying.

4. You can serve as professional resources for each other. You can discuss research ideas and theories and receive constructive feedback and support. Your peers might also introduce you to an industry resource or group with which you aren’t very familiar. It never hurts to know other professionals in your field, especially when you are working to advance your career.

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