Tips for Fighting the Big, Bad Procrastination Monster: Part Three) 8/13/2012 <p>So far, we&rsquo;ve provided you with four tips to help you stave off procrastination. Thirsty fo

Tips for Fighting the Big, Bad Procrastination Monster: Part Three

So far, we’ve provided you with four tips to help you stave off procrastination. Thirsty for more? Read our last three tips below!

  • Cut Down on Distractions
    There are so many things that demand your attention on a daily basis – family, friends, pets, TV, cell phone, email, Facebook, and the list goes on. It’s time to tell all of them (if only for a short time) – NO! Tell your family that you need a set amount of time alone and give them a time when you’ll be available, do work in a room that doesn’t have a television, turn your email alerts off on your computer.If what you’re working on doesn’t require Internet access, turn off your connection, turn your cell phone off (or leave only phone call rings on in case of an emergency). One by one, begin to eliminate the things that grab your attention away from your work. Focusing on the task at hand and not allowing yourself to be distracted will get your tasks finished sooner and better.
  • Identify Why You’re Putting It Off – Tackle Self Doubt
    One way to really get to the heart of your procrastination problem is to be honest with yourself. What are the reasons why you keep putting off this project? You haven’t had time? Set the schedule. You keep finding other things to do? Cut down on the distractions. These problems are easy to solve. But, oftentimes, there may be bigger issues at hand. Have you ever put off something because you weren’t sure if you could actually accomplish it or accomplish it at the quality you were hoping for? If self doubt is holding you back, just remind yourself that “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.” Just go for it! No matter what the outcome you’ll learn something from the process. If you don’t do anything, there’s nothing gained and an opportunity wasted.
  • Reward Yourself
    Once you’ve used all of these strategies to get your work done, it’s time to give yourself a nice pat on the back. You can pick out small rewards to get you through each step. For instance, give yourself a short break in between tasks but make sure to set a timer so you know when it’s time to get back to work. Or you can set up larger rewards for when you completely finish something. Pick out a really special treat – be it a decadent dessert, an extra hour of TV time, a game of cards with the family, anything to keep you motivated!

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