Tips For Staying Focused During The Holiday Season) 11/5/2018 <p>The holidays are here! There are presents to buy, cookies to bake, and a semester to wrap up. Som

Tips For Staying Focused During The Holiday Season

The holidays are here! There are presents to buy, cookies to bake, and a semester to wrap up. Something’s gotta give. You know that you need to find some balance—fast.

If being organized hasn’t been a priority, now is that time to turn that around. Planning ahead is key in helping you to stay focused during the holiday season. Getting a little done at a time takes the stress away from big projects like wrapping presents, studying for finals, or putting out a huge holiday spread. Here are some tips on how to how to stay focused and productive:

  • Start with a countdown calendar. On Sundays, mark big tasks for the week, then break that task down into smaller parts to be completed each day. You can color code to keep you even more focused—one color for school projects, another for family matters, etc. Don’t slack off during breaks from school or days off. If you postpone your schedule for one day, it’s easier to do it again and again.
  • Need to plan a holiday meal? Take advantage of the full meal prep services that many restaurants and grocery stores now offer. Remember to place your order well in advance and then sit back and savor the time that you’ve saved. You may also utilize the personal shopping services at grocery stores. Simply place your order and then drive to the store to pick it up. Some stores even offer delivery.
  • Create a list for gift-giving and stick to it. This one is hard, we know, but a list helps you to stay on budget. Save time by having the gifts prewrapped by the shipper (if buying online) or by supporting the volunteer organizations that wrap gifts (for a small donation) during the holidays.
  • You can also ask for your gift in advance—request that family members handle some of your holiday responsibilities to free you up to study or complete a work project. While a gift of time doesn’t come wrapped in shiny paper, it can mean less stress and a happier holiday.

For students, the holidays can be academically challenging. Holiday breaks mean many days off of school—right before a semester ends. Students can stay focused by studying a little each day during breaks. This also reduces the stress when it’s time to leave the pumpkin pie behind and return to school for finals. Argosy University offers support for students having trouble balancing responsibilities and tips on how to focus on studies during the busy holiday season. Learn more by picking up a Student Resource Guide in the Student Services office at Argosy University.

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