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Tips for Success in Online Design Courses at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

Some may argue that one can’t successfully complete classes online through a school like The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense to use an innovative approach to higher education while taking  relevant courses. However, innovation and creativity alone don't guarantee success in any type of degree program; it still requires planning, preparation and hard work. Maximize your opportunities with these tips for success in online design courses.

1.   Start with solid study habits. Online design courses require a great deal of creativity as well as solid study habits and time management. Avoid procrastination and always allow yourself a little extra "wiggle room" for those tough assignments or unexpected delays. Self-discipline is essential. Learn how to set aside periodic quiet time to review material, complete assignments and interact with peers.

2.   Understand the tools of the trade. Every field of study has its own terminology and tools. Make a point of learning about the theory, application, software and other tools associated with design courses. Not only will it facilitate learning and more effective communication in your online design courses, but the more familiar you are with the tools of the trade, the more likely you are to impress prospective employers.

3.   Establish a set of questions ahead of time. Find out if there are minimum and maximum contributions during online discussions, word counts for assignments and specific time requirements for the class. Other important information includes turnaround times for email or other questions, citation policy and preferred method of communication with instructors. By understanding what is expected well in advance, it's easy to implement a working schedule.

If you've decided to take online design courses, get more out of the experience by doing some solid planning right at the start.

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