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Transfer of Credit May Help You Earn Your Undergraduate Degree

Our undergraduate students work hard to complete their degree in a timely manner and get going on their future – be it entering the workforce or advanced studies in a graduate program. Transferring credit is one way these students may be able to find a shorter path to graduation and earn that coveted degree.

If you’re able to transfer credit or earn credit from prior learning or standardized tests, you may be eligible to take fewer classes to complete your degree*! Taking fewer classes saves you time and means lower out of pocket payments and fewer student loans! Read on to learn about your options for transferring and earning college credit.

Credit from Previous Courses

If you’ve taken courses at another accredited college or university, we’ll review your official transcripts to see what will count toward your degree here. To receive credit, you must meet minimum grade requirements and courses can only be transferred if they have comparable descriptions and course outcomes.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

We know that it is not only through formal classroom education that learning occurs. Many of you have gained knowledge and skills through learning that took place with unaccredited institutions and organizations. Our staff will evaluate this learning to determine if those prior learning experiences are equivalent to academic learning and can count for credit toward your degree.

PLA allows you to submit a portfolio of professional development courses, corporate training, professional licenses and certifications to be considered for credit. After paying a one-time fee, you can request that this type of learning be reviewed at any time over the course of your degree. For example, if halfway through your degree, you earn a new certification in your career, you can submit that experience to be evaluated without incurring a new fee. To learn more about PLA, please contact your Academic Counselor, or visit the Prior Learning Center in the Campus Common.

College Level Examination Program

For select undergraduate programs, you can earn credit for general education courses (English, math, science, etc.) through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP exams are administered at around 1,400 locations, and you can choose to have your CLEP score sent directly to our school. Each exam involves an $80 fee, but performing well on the exams can help you to reduce the number of courses you need to complete for your degree!

If CLEP is something you’re considering, let us know--we’ll provide you with information about the approved exams, minimum scores required and credits awarded.

To learn more about our programs, call 1-866-427-4679 to talk with an Admissions Representative today. Current students can contact their Academic Counselor to inquire about the opportunity to transfer credit.

*Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by case basis. Argosy University, Online Programs offers no guarantee that credit earned at another institution will be accepted into a program of study offered by Argosy University, Online Programs.

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