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Try Tools to Enhance Your Job Hunt is a search engine for jobs, but more than that, it offers handy tools to make you a well-informed job hunter. Here are two features I like to use.

Google Maps Job Search Mapplet (
Add this to enhance your search with a view of job locations in Google Maps. Great if you want to relocate, or just to get a graphical view of the jobs around you.

Salary Search (
How much are positions in your field paying? Salary Search tracks advertised salaries over the past year and presents the data in easy-to-use graphs.

Job titles can change over time, particularly in sectors like technology, so try using the search comparison feature. Say you work on the Web. You may have had a host of different job titles, such as graphic designer, webmaster, Web designer, Web producer, interaction designer—just to name a few. There may be subtle differences between these positions, but maybe you’re qualified for the others? And maybe that other position pays more. Look into it! It could be a great new career move.

There are many useful tools on Try the Daily Job Alerts to receive emails with the latest job listings that fit your criteria. Explore the site and empower your job search!

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