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What to Expect from Your Course Mates in an Online Classroom

Online programs can provide very different experiences based on which school you choose to attend. Some are surprisingly similar to regular classrooms, with scheduled discussions and group projects. Others leave you feeling isolated with little to no interaction with your peers or your instructors.

Finding the right mix for you is integral to your success, whether you’re studying business, psychology or criminal justice. The best online programs do offer some interaction with your course mates. This allows for both thoughtful study and the ability to build professional contacts you can use in the working world. Here are a few ways Argosy University provides flexibility while offering you a chance to benefit from peer interaction:

Online Discussion Boards
Most classes will utilize online message boards for posting discussions related to coursework. You may be asked to take part and given credit for your input, or this may be an extra resource used for getting more from your other materials. Having these discussions available online 24 hours a day allows you to join in when you have time. It also allows you to think critically about your point of view and submit only those ideas you've considered thoroughly.

Because of these possibilities in an online environment, discussions you have in your classes at Argosy University may provide a much richer learning experience than the back-and-forth, in-person discussions you may have in a typical classroom. Students also tend to have more control over these discussions instead of relying on instructors to promote new ideas.

Argosy University’s exclusive social network offers a chance for you to get in touch with course mates and instructors. Learn about the latest developments in your field of study and discuss how these impact your skills. You can also join official student organizations and create your own based on shared interests.

The Campus Common
The Campus Common allows you to stay up-to-date on school news as soon as it’s announced, including joining new activities and groups that can add to your studies. While this is not course specific, you can seek out academic help through the Campus Common, as well as attend online seminars of interest to your class.

Complementary Tutoring

Students have access to complementary, on-demand tutoring services. Having tutors available allows you to get valuable feedback when you need it, and can help you perform better on tests and assignments.

Argosy University provides a comprehensive learning experience, with talented instructors and plenty of tools for interacting with your peers. Course discussions can be had night or day through online message board systems, and further research and skill-building opportunities can be found through student services such as Connections, the Campus Common and on-demand tutoring. These are just a few ways in which online programs are rising to meet the challenges of learning online.

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