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Which Web Design Degree is Right for You?

Understanding what programs The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division offers and taking a closer look at your long-term career goals can help you choose which web design degree program is right for you.

·     Web Design Diploma: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Divisions’s Web Design Diploma program gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of website design. You can learn about graphics and animation designed specifically for the web, as well as different design layouts used for personal, commercial and government websites. A web design diploma can help you qualify for entry-level jobs, or supplement your education to help you move into a web design career if you already have a degree in another field of study.

·     Associate Web Design Degree:  While this program may take longer to complete than a diploma program, an associate web design degree will allow you to develop more technical skills. You can also learn about audio and video web components and develop business and project management skills that are useful in the workplace. An associate degree may qualify you to work in positions that require mainly technical skills, such as working as a web animator.

·     Bachelor Web Design Degree: Earning a bachelor degree in web design typically takes about 4 years to complete. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many employers require graphic designers to have a bachelor's degree. In addition to working as a graphic designer, a Bachelor of Science web design degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division can also prepare you for a career as a programmer or interface web site designer.

To choose the right web design degree for you, consider your current experience and your long-term career goals. Talk to an Admissions Representative at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division to learn more about the different courses offered and the graduate employment achievements for each degree program.

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