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Why is Cyber Security Important?

If it seems like you’re hearing about a cyber security breach almost every day—you’re pretty much correct. With more people moving the majority of their communications and transactions online, hackers have increased incentive to steal information.

It isn’t just big corporations that are falling victim. Small businesses and even local governments have been impacted by hacking. Election meddling has been linked to overseas hackers, causing major players including Facebook and Twitter to meticulously go through user lists and identify invalid/fake accounts.

Here’s a sobering statistic: CNN reports that cybercrime was a $600 million problem worldwide in 2017. That’s a $155 billion increase in just three years. So what can you do to protect yourself? While there’s no guarantee that a company holding your information will not be hacked, you can take steps to make it harder for thieves to target you by following these cyber security tips:

  • Change your passwords frequently and create strong passwords that are tough to crack.
  • Don’t skip software updates – while it may be annoying to constantly receive emails telling you to update your software, it’s for a good reason. Many software patches involve adding security that helps to protect you from hackers.
  • Encrypt (lock down) your home network. Don’t let the general public onto your home network.
  • Limit what you post on social networks. Your kids’ names, your favorite vacation spot, or even your love of cats can provide clues to passwords. Keep your friends list tight and be careful what you post online.
  • Keep a list of who to call in the case of identity theft. Some of the largest cyber security breaches are the result of hackers stealing information from financial institutions or credit agencies. If you believe you are the victim of identity theft due to a cyber security breach, contact the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission, your credit card companies, and your bank. According to computer security firm Norton, his will alert them to the fact that fraud is going on.

If you’re interested in joining the teams that work to fight cyber crime, you might want to consider earning a degree in information technology. Argosy University offers both Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Information Technology, in programs that prepare you for careers in database operations, operating systems, networking, cloud computing, virtualization, and mobile computing.

Want to learn more? Contact an admissions representative from Argosy University to learn how you can take classes online or on-campus to earn your degree.

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