Your Education in Your Hands) 8/12/2011 <p>When it comes to your education, you get out what you put in. Getting your degree is an investmen

Your Education in Your Hands

When it comes to your education, you get out what you put in. Getting your degree is an investment, so how can you make sure you’re getting the biggest return possible? Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Be active and engaged. Online learning is not a passive experience! Make sure you’re in the driver’s seat by participating in online discussions with your classmates and instructor.
  • Stay on track. Be organized. Keep a calendar of assignment due dates and reading assignments, and make sure you’re up to date with your work. It’s a lot easier to keep up with your course schedule than to try to catch up once you fall behind!
  • Get involved. Visit the Campus Common to join groups or clubs that are aligned with your career interests. Groups can help you to network with others in your program and can be a valuable resource as you move into your job field.
  • Take advantage of training. Pursuing a business degree? Take some classes in Excel, PowerPoint or Access. Becoming an expert in the software that you’ll use in your future job will make you extremely marketable!
  • Consider research opportunities. By signing on as an academic researcher, you gain valuable skills and possible networking opportunities, including career guidance and letters of recommendation. You might even walk away with a high-quality research paper that could be published or even submitted for awards.
  • Get real-world experience. Nearing the end of your program? Make sure to reach out to Career Services and explore opportunities for internships. Nothing sets you apart from other job candidates like actual experience in your field.

Remember, you’re in charge of what you take away from your college experience. You can go through the motions, or you can walk away with a degree and the skills that set you apart from the rest!

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