Your Life Experiences Might Earn You College Credit) 7/5/2011 <p>There&rsquo;s an exciting development happening at Argosy University &ndash; Online Programs! Beg

Your Life Experiences Might Earn You College Credit

There’s an exciting development happening at Argosy University – Online Programs! Beginning in July, undergraduate students can submit their professional experiences for evaluation to determine if those experiences can earn what are called “Prior Learning Assessed Credits.” These credits help to recognize the fact that it is not only through “formal” education that we learn, but it is also through the totality of our life’s experiences that we acquire our skills and knowledge.

Why is this so exciting? It means that students can potentially have a faster path to graduation – and save some money along the way – because Prior Learning Assessed Credits can be earned even while students are continuing to take courses at Argosy.

It works like this – if you have any certificates, licenses, or corporate training, you can create a portfolio of professional training. Portfolios require you to provide official proof of completion, clock hours, and course descriptions.

You should know that there is a $95, one-time fee for the assessment process. This fee will cover any and all credits assessed and awarded to you over the entire course of your degree program – meaning you can submit your experiences at any time and you’ll only pay the fee once. For example, if in your current career you complete a training course or achieve a new certification, you can submit that experience for evaluation – without incurring another fee – there is no limit on your ability to submit your experiences. This fee is also lower than fees for similar evaluations you will find at other colleges and universities.

Before doing any of this though, you’ll want to contact Argosy to learn more about the process, approved essays, and portfolio development materials.

With graduation being everyone’s ultimate goal, this is a wonderful development to potentially help students get there faster – and then get on with their career pursuits.

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