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Grandma in the Lion’s Den


Written by Dr. Martin C. Wesley

I am currently reading a book by renowned author and Harvard psychology professor, Dr. Stephen Pinker entitled Enlightenment Now: A Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress. This book is a follow-up to his groundbreaking The Better Angels of our Nature, where he shows that our assumptions of the world is falling apart or going to “hell in a handbasket” are all wrong. Instead he shows that we are truly living is the best of times and that life, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge and happiness are all on the rise.

We all have a tendency of viewing our present circumstances, the current politics, cultural values and more as devolving instead of taking us to better times, to peace and toward values where all people are loved and valued. We look at the future with fear and anxiety and long for the good ole days, which often were not so good.

This reminds me of my grandmother. Her name was Doreen and her maiden name was Martin. I was named after her family. When I was growing up in Arizona, my grandparents would often come to visit. They would bring their camper which was so large, I wondered how their truck didn’t tip over with any gust of wind. When I was about eight or nine years old, they took me and my brother to the Phoenix Zoo. I believe my mom was there with us and my baby sister who was in her stroller. We walked through half of the park and came to the lion and tiger exhibits. Most of the time these zoo animals rarely give you a good show. Often, animals are hiding or sleeping but not today. Today the large male lion was making some noise and roaring at the crowd. My grandma pulled out her Kodak instamatic camera and with limited vision, started moving closer to the lion exhibit. What she didn’t see was that she was walking toward a sloped flower and shrubbery bed that was faced with raised railroad ties. Grandma tripped on these ties and fell straight down into this lowered shrubbery bed beside the lion’s area. Grandma was now head first, wearing a dress and her legs lifted in the air. All the while, the lion becomes louder and louder with his roars and grandma is screaming, thinking she just fell in the lion’s den and she is now on the menu. My grandpa was trying to help my grandma up, but also trying to keep her dress closed as that was probably worse for grandma that being eaten alive by the lion.

Soon, with the help of some other zoo patrons, my grandmother was lifted out of the bed. She was disoriented and scratched up from the shrubs but soon saw that her fear of being a lion burger was unfounded. Later, she could see the humor in the confrontation with the lion and would laugh at the incident. I should also mention that grandma got a great picture of the lion before she went down!

We all have a tendency to believe that we are falling into the lion’s den. Often, we are also in the midst of true oppression or distress, experiencing the loss of a loved one or have been experiencing failing health. Yet, there is hope and often opportunities exist to overcome and become stronger. I became a licensed professional counselor and a professor because I love lifting people up and guiding them out of their own lion’s den. I love helping people out of addiction, family dysfunction or out of feelings of depression because they see no hope for the future. If you are like me and want to help people out of their own lion’s den, please reach out to me or others at Argosy University who can help you in your next adventure.

Dr. Martin C. Wesley is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Associate Chair of the College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences in Florida at Argosy University, Sarasota and Argosy University, Tampa. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Wesley at ###

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Sunshine and Cultural Amenities Attract Students to the Tampa Bay Area


Students attend Argosy University, Tampa for the school’s academic programs and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico coastline, Busch Gardens, the Florida Aquarium, and Lowry Park Zoo.

Argosy University, Tampa offers program areas ranging from Clinical Psychology to Business Administration, Marriage & Family Therapy, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology. The school offers doctoral degrees, master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and associate’s degrees. Many programs have flexible learning formats that allow students to fit an education into their busy work and life schedules. “I found the faculty and staff to be really supportive and encouraging of my endeavors,” said Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, who in 2008 earned a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from the Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

Once admitted to the Tampa, FL campus, students have access to the school’s library, which contains resources that support campus programs while encouraging life-long learning. The library maintains a specialized collection of books, scholarly journals, audiovisuals, dissertations, and theses—reference materials that assist students at all levels of their education to grow academically and professionally. The library is also accessible online.

One of the region’s most renowned museums is the Salvador Dali Museum, home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by the late Spanish surrealist. Tampa’s many theaters, symphony and dance performances, museums, and a diverse range of art galleries showcase some of the world’s most talented artists, actors, and musicians. Tampa college students enjoy visiting the Tampa Museum of Art, Museum of Science and Industry, St. Petersburg Museum of History, Florida International Museum, and Great Explorations: The Hands-On Museum.

Sports fans enjoy following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightning. The area is also known for its nightlife. Popular spots for nightlife include Channelside, Bay Street at International Plaza, and Ybor City, the center of the city’s music scene. When students are looking for a break, many choose to visit the region’s beautiful and inviting natural beaches, lakes, and rivers.

Learn more about Argosy University, Tampa’s academic programs by clicking on the links below. If you’d like to talk to an admissions representative, call (855) 435-5334 or visit our admissions webpage. You can also stop by the school. Our address is 1403 North Howard Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607.

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Argosy University Class of 2016 Graduation


That moment when you realize that all of your hard work paid off - no one can take it away from you and you are so proud of your Argosy University educational journey! That just happened! ...

Argosy University, Tampa, Washington, D.C., and Twin Cities campuses all had their fall graduation ceremonies this past Saturday, October 1. Both their ground students and online students walked in these ceremonies. Stay tuned for their videos, success story features, and photos of this amazing day! Class of 2016! Congratulations to all!

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