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Jennifer Putman

Student at Argosy University - Online Programs

I chose to name my submission “The Argosy University Cheer” because I am definitely rooting for Argosy. This online learning experience has become more than just beneficial to me - it has actually been life changing.

I attended a traditional college in the past and struggled with attendance issues. At the time I was a single mother of four children and there was always some issue that would blind side me and my education, unfortunately, had to take a back seat. It seemed impossible for me to be successful. I had little hope and was frustrated. I felt very inadequate as a mother and a role model.

I was introduced to Argosy by a family member who is currently a student of the online university. I made contact with my Personal Admissions Representative, Lydia Pettinger, in March of 2011. She was very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. Most of all she was patient with my computer illiteracy. We did everything over the phone, where she walked me through the financial aid aspect without a hitch. What impressed me overall was the time she took to learn some things about me, in order to help me choose a major.

There were definitely some obstacles to overcome and I was a little intimidated at first. My computer skills were “shabby” at best. I had a desktop pc in my living room that was unable to be moved to a quieter space. A week after I began my first class on April 18th, “Skill for Success,” my internet was disconnected. I had to order new service because the previous bill had gotten ridiculously out of control due to my husband and I being laid off. Embarrassing, but not the worst thing I would experience as my new service had a serious delay due to the storms and tornadoes that had occurred in various areas. It would be almost a month before I had internet again. I even tried doing my work at a family member’s house but could not concentrate with all the regular drama that frequents them. My transportation was limited at the time so the library was not always a feasible option. I had an enormous amount of anxiety and at the same time I was determined that I was just not going to give up. Perseverance was the name of the game. I wish I could claim patient endurance but I am still working on that. My Argosy team, Dalles Colby, Lydia Pettinger, and Mrs. Alexander, my instructor at the time, were terrific. I made contact with them as soon as things went south. They were patient with me and my mess and they were confident that I would recover and I did. I finished that class with a hundred percent of credit.

I have not missed a beat since and now I feel confident that I will succeed in this forum. I credit my success to my support team and the flexibility of online participation. I am flourishing as a student because I am able to do this. I no longer live with impending failure. This has carried over into other areas of my life as well allowing me to reinvent myself. So give me an A R G O S Y!

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Updating Your Resume Using Today's Standards

If it’s been awhile since you last updated your resume, you may wonder if the format it’s currently in will work in today’s job market. An article from the Wall Street Journal titled “Updating Your Resume for 2011” provides words of wisdom to help keep you relevant. Among their tips are the following:

  • Technology is Your Friend: Long gone are the days when you would print a physical copy of your resume and mail it to the company for which you’d like to work. Most people know to send their resumes electronically, but The Wall Street Journal argues that it’s also a good idea to attach the resume to an electronic profile of yourself, whether it’s a website you’ve created or your LinkedIn profile.
  • Avoid Buzz Words: In the past, words like “team player” and “results-oriented” were ideal to use in your resume. The issue now is that everyone and their brother uses these words, and their effect has been considerably diluted. In lieu of relying on cliché, focus on action words that describe what you’ve accomplished in previous roles (e.g. managed, taught, and wrote).
  • Don’t Shortchange Yourself: We’ve all heard the rule that a resume should be no longer than a page, but current guidelines are no longer as rigid, particularly if you have ten to twenty years of experience under your belt. When crafting your resume, make sure you include any job experience that would be beneficial in the position for which you’re applying, omitting any details that are not relevant.
  • Scanning Still Applies: In other words, when an employer receives countless resumes for a position, they aren’t likely to read through each one word for word. Instead, they’ll scan to ascertain if the candidate possesses the skills they’re looking for. With this in mind, it’s important to craft your resume so that it can be easily scanned by a hiring manager or recruiter.
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