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Back to School Series Part Two: Taking the Steps to Make it Happen

In our first blog post in this Back to School series, we discussed new beginnings and arriving at the decision to head back to school. In this post, we’ll dive into your online degree program options at Argosy University, Online Programs and discuss the steps you need to take to make it all happen.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which degree level you want to pursue. If you have a high school diploma and no college experience, you might want to consider either an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. If it’s an advanced degree you seek, we have a number of postsecondary options available.

When you begin looking at our selection of online degree programs, you’ll notice that they’re broken up into a variety of different subject areas. Try to narrow the field to one or two that interest you most. Next, it can be beneficial to read through the program and course descriptions to get a feel for what you have the potential to learn.

Once you have decided which program you would like to pursue, you’ll speak to one of our knowledgeable Admissions Representatives, who will help you fill out the online application and answer any questions you have about the admissions process.

An important consideration during the application process is how you will pay for school. Do you have enough cash on hand to foot the bill, or will you require assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans? We can help guide you through the steps to ensure that your finances are in order before you begin your first class.

In addition to applying for your program of choice, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the tools you need to successfully complete the program. This includes acquiring all of the required hardware and software for your program. Information about this can be found in the program information on our website.

Once you have all the tools you need to complete your program, it’s time to work on mindset. Believing you can do it and making it a priority in your life are essential before you begin. It’s helpful to set aside specific times and workspaces to devote fully to your coursework. In the final blog post in this series, we’ll discuss strategies for excelling in your program once you’re enrolled.

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Back to School Series Part One: Deciding to Head Back

One minute, summer has just begun, and the next, you’re seeing ads on TV encouraging you to stock up on clothing and school supplies for your children.

In many ways, back to school time is all about new beginnings. Children have had the summer to relax and enjoy themselves, and now they’re ready to take on a new school year with new teachers, classmates and perhaps even a new school.

But back to school doesn’t just have to be about new beginnings for your children. What about you?

Maybe you’ve been thinking a lot lately about where your life is headed. Are you satisfied with your job and future possibilities? Maybe you feel like there are opportunities you’ve always wanted to pursue, but it never seemed like the right time.

And even if it were the right time, how would you even begin?

You’ve thought about going back to school yourself, but it never seemed like something you could actually do. Maybe there aren’t any schools near you, and, if there are, maybe they don’t offer any programs that interest you.

That’s where online learning at Argosy University, Online Programs comes into play. When you peruse our list of programs, you’ll soon realize how many options you actually have, and that they offer the flexibility to fit your hectic lifestyle.

Stay tuned for our next blog post in the Back to School series, where we’ll help you determine which program is the best fit for you.

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Studying with Children at Home

Like many prospective or current online students, you may have a family to attend to, including children. It can often be a challenge to get schoolwork done when juggling family responsibilities, but if you can make your kids a part of your study routine, it might help you to study more effectively. Here are some tips for how to accomplish this.

  • Give Younger Children an Activity – If you have young children at home, before you sit down to study, make sure they have something to do that will keep them occupied so you can focus, whether it’s a game or an educational program on television.
  • Study with Your Older Children – If your school-aged children have their own homework, why not set aside time so you can all study together? You can tell them about what you’re learning in your online classes while helping them understand their own assignments.
  • Stress the Importance of What You’re Doing – If you can explain to your children what you’re studying and why it’s important to you, it can help them to understand and to give you space to accomplish your goals. Nothing can motivate you to study like the support of your own family.

With the suggestions outlined above, you can help to make your children part of your study sessions rather than use them as an excuse not to get work done.

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