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Check Your Privacy Settings, Facebook Graph Search is Here.

New search bar

Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new feature called Graph Search. Now, when you type a user’s name in the search bar, Graph Search allows you to search for specific items including public posts, likes, location, photos and interests. You can use broad searches as well as more specific ones like “Friends who live in Chicago and like sports” or “friends of friends who work at my company.”

Graph Search improves Facebook’s search functionality by taking information that was previously very hard to stitch together and making it easy to search, helping you to identify people with common interests and quickly find specific photos or content. However, if you can easily find this information about others, remember that your Facebook friends, friends of friends and even the public may be able to find the same information about you!

Protecting Your Privacy

With the introduction of Graph Search, it may be time to change your privacy settings—especially if you’re uncomfortable with people searching for your old Facebook pictures and statuses, or if you don’t like the idea of showing up in a search based on pages that you’ve liked and music or interests that you’ve listed on your page.

The easy way to protect yourself from unwanted privacy intrusions is to go to your privacy settings and click “limit past posts.” This will turn all old posts to a “friends only” status with the click of a button. However, if you want some things to stay public or to be visible to friends of friends, you’ll need to do it the manual way by clicking “Use Activity Log” and going through each post one by one, changing settings as needed.

Business Insider created this great step-by-step guide to help you keep your information private. If you don’t have time for that right now, here are the basics:

1. Go to your Privacy Settings and check who can see your posts: public, friends, friends of friends, or only you.

2. If you want some posts to stay public, click "Use Activity Log" and scroll through your history, editing the privacy settings for each one as you go.

3. To change who can see your profile information, go to the “About” page on your profile and click the "edit" button next to each category.

What’s your opinion on Facebook's new Graph Search? Feel free to share your thoughts on the Argosy University, Online Programs Facebook page!

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Announcing the Master of Science in Management Degree Program


Argosy University, Online Programs introduces a new 30-credit Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree program, offered through our College of Business!

The MSM degree program is designed to prepare students to manage and lead organizations within the private, non-profit and public sectors.

The program features a focused, streamlined curriculum consisting of 10 courses, each lasting 5 weeks, and culminates in an applied capstone project that requires students to integrate and demonstrate proficiency in critical marketplace competencies aligned with Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Program Learning Outcomes

The MSM degree program has the following learning outcomes:

Communication – Design and execute written and oral communication plans, using technology and research as appropriate, toward expressed business or organizational goals.

Critical Thinking – Diagnose multiple facets of a given situation, evaluate available options and data, and make informed decisions that are based on sound theories and practices and are aligned with business goals.

Ethics – Apply ethical principles, generally accepted business practices, and best-practice tools in making decisions about organizational policies, practices, or initiatives.

Analysis and Integration – Analyze effectiveness of organizational practices in meeting organizational goals while considering interrelationships of the different dimensions of business and local, national, or global environments.

Management – Implement and facilitate practices and systems that support the organizational mission and goals making optimal use of human and fiscal resources and promoting a motivating work environment where differences are valued.

To learn more about how you could earn a degree in as few as 12 months, visit the Master of Science in Management program page, or request more information here!

Interested in another business degree? Check out our full program offering in the College of Business here.

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Argosy University Introduces A Mobile App

Argosy Mobile App

Argosy University now has a mobile app available for iPhone* users! Our current mobile site, the Campus Common Mobile 2.0, already allows iPhone and Android users to access a mobile-friendly version of the Campus Common by visiting on their smartphone or tablet. 

This app has the same functionality as our mobile site, so here are just a few tasks you’ll be able to accomplish:

• View your grades.
• Check upcoming assignments and add them to your phone's calendar.
• See campus or class announcements.
• Read and respond to discussion questions.
• Call or email key contacts with one click.

In addition to these features, our mobile app has the added benefit of allowing iPhone users to use a PIN to access the Campus Common. This feature allows you to avoid entering your username and password every time you access the app on your phone.

To start using this app today, download the app to your iPhone. When you first access the app, you’ll be asked to enter your username and password and then to create a 4-digit pin. After this initial use, you’ll only be required to enter your PIN.

Even with our mobile site and new mobile app, students at Argosy University, Online Programs will continue to need their computers to go to class. These tools are meant to help you easily access the Campus Common when you’re on the go, but they cannot be your primary means of attending Argosy University.

If you have any questions about the Argosy mobile app, please contact To learn more about the Campus Common Mobile 2.0 mobile site, check out this video and download our student guide for FAQs and more.

*Apple, the Apple logo and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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