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Is Social Media Turning Us into Narcissists?


You might have had your suspicions for a long time that some of your social media contacts are a little more self-obsessed than is healthy, but now it's official: a new study has linked high levels of social media use with narcissism.

Could this be a reason to break your social media habits before it does permanent damage to your personality?

Studying Social Media and Narcissism

Published in Computers in Human Behavior, this study examined the psychology of adults in various age groups, and looked for correlations between narcissistic traits and excessive use of social media. One finding that stood out strongly from the research was the fact that young adults who scored highly on narcissism tests posted more often on Twitter than those whose scores fell in the normal range.

Middle-aged narcissists, meanwhile, chose a different outlet for their social media outpourings, preferring to post status updates on Facebook. However, the general trend remained the same - the more narcissistic individuals updated more often than those with more typical psychologies.

What is Narcissism?

The researchers conducting this study used a personality assessment to evaluate the participants' levels of certain traits—including superiority, exhibitionism, authority, willingness to exploit others, and self-sufficiency. These traits are typically associated with narcissistic personality disorder, in which individuals fixate on their own power and prestige.

Could use of social media be linked with narcissism? Researcher Elliot Panek thinks so. He describes how Facebook allows individuals to curate and control their online image, and to gain approval from others within their social circle. Meanwhile, Twitter acts as a platform for narcissistic individuals to broadcast their opinions to a wide audience.

Correlation or Causation?

Before you rush online to shut down your social media accounts, note that the researchers did not draw any conclusions about social media causing narcissistic tendencies to develop. It is not clear from this one study whether narcissistic people are naturally drawn to social media as a way of broadcasting their own thoughts and opinions, or whether excessive use of social media leads to the development of narcissistic traits.

This research was one of the first studies to look at the relationship between narcissistic traits and patterns of social media. Future research in this area of study could probe more deeply into this relationship to find out how different aspects of social media usage, such as posting status updates, reading posts by others, or commenting on content posted by other users, correlates with or even contributes to narcissistic psychology in adults of all ages.

Read more on this study here: You're So Vain: Study Links Social Media Use and Narcissism. Or, learn about our Psychology programs here.

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Announcing the Perseverance Scholarship

New Argosy Scholarship

Argosy University, Online Programs, in conjunction with The Education Foundation, is proud to announce the Perseverance Scholarship.

Exclusively available to fully online undergraduate and graduate students, the Perseverance Scholarship will provide three scholarships in the amount of $1000, $750 and $500 to qualified recipients.

This scholarship was created to support active Argosy University students who have experienced a period in their lives where they had to live by their definition of perseverance. Whether their definition includes personal loss, financial hardship or overcoming other obstacles, Argosy University students will be asked to answer the question: “What is your definition of perseverance, and how has it affected you as a student here at Argosy University?”


Recipients will be chosen by Argosy University’s Scholarship Committee with approval from The Education Foundation. Recipients will be chosen from complete applications submitted by eligible students based on the following criteria:

Status - Applicants must be currently enrolled at Argosy University in a fully online program and must be in an active status.

Academic performance/potential - Students must have a minimum of 12 credits successfully completed at Argosy University and 2.5 cumulative grade point average for undergraduate students or a 3.0 cumulative grade point average for graduate students

Personal Essay (minimum of 500 words) - “What is your definition of perseverance and how has it affected you as a student at Argosy University?”

How to Apply

To apply, download the application here and submit your completed applications via fax at 412-992-5928 or via email at The application deadline is July 12, 2013.


Please feel free to contact the Argosy University Scholarship Committee with any questions you may have at

Note: This is a one time, non-renewable scholarship. The award is given in the form of a tuition credit and is not redeemable for cash stipends.

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Learn About 2013's Top IT Careers


In today's technology-dependent world, a degree in Information Technology can help you to advance your career or to enter an entirely new field. Luckily, Argosy University, Online Programs recently introduced two new programs--an Associate of Science in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. If you enjoy learning about computers, networks and emerging technology, a degree in Information Technology might be right for you.

Let's take a look at five of the top careers in information technology today.

Web Developers

The vast majority of today's business and personal data is managed, used and delivered via some kind of web-based portal. Moreover, the web is becoming increasingly complex and is in dire need of talented web development professionals who can navigate this rapidly changing world. Web developers are responsible for coding, testing, debugging and deploying web-based applications for a wide range of purposes. They must be proficient in a wide range of code languages, particularly Ruby on Rails, HTML5, PHP and many other languages used to build common web applications.

Mobile Application Developers

The world we live in is also becoming increasingly mobile. Depending on what statistics you read, a large portion of you are probably reading this article from a mobile device. Mobile application developers are and will be in high demand for years to come, especially as mobile devices and technology becomes increasingly sophisticated. Mobile developers can earn anywhere from $85,000 to over $120,000 year based on their education and expertise.

Data Security Experts

Data security is among the most pressing concerns facing the tech industry. With cloud computing and social networks, data security is a hotly debated topic. This is why tomorrow's companies need to have a team of data security experts to inform them on data security policy and a wide range of other important initiatives to drive innovation forward while ensuring sensitive company data still remains protected.

Database Administrators

In the past, database administrators (DBAs) were responsible for every aspect of data management and design within an organization. Over the past few years, advances in database technology no longer require DBAs to build databases from the ground up, and many of these tasks are now automated within cloud-computing solutions. Tomorrow's DBAs will be both highly specialized and high-paying, as they will be tasked with aiding organizations in navigating the changing database management landscape. This will require a solid foundation in modern information technology practices.

Cloud Computing Specialists

We've mentioned cloud computing a few times so far. That's because it's almost impossible to have a conversation about the future of IT jobs without talking about cloud computing or "the cloud." Cloud computing is complex but also necessary for any company looking to stay competitive. Cloud computing specialists will make up a large portion of tomorrow's IT job market.

As with any career, it all comes down to preparing for the IT career that fits you. Get started on your IT career today by earning a degree from Argosy University, Online Programs!

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