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How MBA Online Programs Equip You to Better Manage a Business

Opinions vary as to who the true movers and shakers are in society. Some say it is the politicians, others point to celebrities, and others look to public figures. With all these opinions swirling around the public sphere, it can be difficult to discern those that truly make a difference.

While a business figure may never find their name written in a history book, their impact is clearly written in the lives of the multitude of people whom he or she employs and the clients who utilize the company’s products and services. These are the people who break open new frontiers every day, seeking opportunity, developing new businesses, and creating the jobs that people need.

Learning How to Impact the Lives of Others
Studying for your Master of Business Administration (MBA) can prepare you to take your place amongst these leaders, either by starting your own business or working in management of an existing corporation. MBA online programs teach you how to understand the key indicators of a business, how to balance the multiple responsibilities that make a workplace function, and how to make business decisions based upon fact and not just opinion. You will have the opportunity to study accounting, management techniques, human resources and the essentials of every aspect of a business.

Online programs allow you to study and learn, preparing you for that leap up the corporate ladder, while still allowing you to maintain your current lifestyle. With an online program, you can study on your own schedule, at your own pace, right in your own home.

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Achieving Work/Life/School Balance

In this day and age, it’s probably more difficult than ever to separate our work, school, and personal lives. Each facet of what we do is no more than a few mouse clicks away, and it’s become easier than ever to develop workaholic tendencies as a result. An article from entitled “Workaholics on Vacation? Not Likely” found that 34% of Americans don’t use all of their allotted vacation time and that 30% of workers feel work-related stress while on vacation.

In spite of the workaholic tendencies that many Americans have developed, the article argues for the importance of work/life balance. Workaholic employees often breed resentment, stress, and anxiety in their non-workaholic peers. The perception exists that since one is never far from access to work-related emails and tasks, they should be connected at all times in order to ensure their job security. However, a constant focus on work can often lead to burnout and the disintegration of personal relationships.

As an online student, it can also be easy to slip into this mode. You’re juggling not only work and family life, but you’re coursework as well. The best way to combat this issue is to compartmentalize your life. You complete your work responsibilities at work. You budget time to complete schoolwork, and you ensure that you leave enough time to spend with family and friends. The bottom line is that you need to be organized and mindful of where you spend your time.

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Doctoral Residency Programs

All doctoral students must attend a minimum of two residency programs designed to enhance student success, provide the opportunity to network, meet faculty, and acquire knowledge and skills that will assist them throughout their program. The residency programs are offered once per term at various locations throughout the United States. Students arrive on a Thursday evening and attend meetings all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning before departing Sunday afternoon.

Students typically attend their first residency within their first three terms (Residency I) and their second residency prior to beginning the dissertation process (Residency II). Both residencies are held together at the same time and place; however, students are divided into small groups specific to their program of study and their status in the program.

Residency I students must take W7000 (Advanced Academic Study and Writing) during the term they attend residency. Residency II students typically attend residency in the session prior to their last session. Students will attend a variety of workshops at the residencies covering topics on an orientation to doctoral studies, overview of the comprehensive exam process, exploring research topics, qualitative and quantitative research, research methodology and conducting a literature review, among other topics. Students typically have the opportunity to meet the Online Assistant Deans, program faculty and staff (i.e. advisors).

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