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7 Great Reasons to Get an Online Degree from Argosy University, Online Programs

If you’re one of the more than 20 million Americans currently unemployed or underemployed, getting an online degree can greatly improve your employment prospects. Read on to see why getting an online degree is the way to go.

  1. You may have more opportunities. Some careers, especially those in the medical field, require applicants to have graduated from certified programs. And according to a recent U.S. News & World Report article, employers want even more of their employees to have degrees.
  2. Potential for a higher salary. A high-school teacher with a bachelor’s degree makes on average $53,230 a year, but a principal or other administrator at the same school with an advanced degree such as the Master of Arts in Education in Higher & Postsecondary Education can make an average of $86,970, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  3. You may finish faster than with a traditional degree. A 4-year degree at a brick-and-mortar university will take you about, oh, four years. But an online degree is more flexible and can be completed in as little as 40 months.
  4. You’ll get a raise (probably). No guarantees on this one, but when it comes time for your annual evaluation, having a new online degree to add to your increased responsibilities will make it easy to prove your increased worth to your boss.
  5. You can counter holes in your resume. If you’re spending your days climbing the monkey bars with your tykes instead of climbing the corporate ladder, earning an online degree while the kids are young will make it much easier to rejoin the workforce if you want once the kids are off to school. You can take your time earning an online degree in between play dates and soccer matches.
  6. You can keep your current job. Because you log on to class on your own time, you can work during the day and go to class virtually at night, or vice versa if your schedule dictates.
  7. You can save money and commuting time. No worrying about burning gas sitting in the long line for the commuter parking lot, or spending tons of money on tuition. A brick-and-mortar college can cost as much as $55,000 a year according to Forbes. An online education will cost a fraction of that.
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Argosy University, Online Programs Introduces the Master of Science in Human Services

On Wednesday, October 17, 2012, Argosy University, Online Programs launched a new master’s degree program in Human Services as a part of the College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. The addition of this new program brings Argosy’s online offerings to a total of 27 programs: 3 Associate’s, 4 Bachelor’s, 14 Master’s and 6 Doctoral.

The Master of Science in Human Services is designed for “individuals with a passion for helping others and who wish to make their own unique mark on the human services industry.” The curriculum includes courses like Theory and Scope of Human Services, Research and Writing in Human Services, and Personal Values and Professional Ethics.

If the Master of Science in Human Services interests you, reach out to an Admissions Representative for more information today.

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5 Benefits of Getting Your Undergraduate Degree Online

Online undergraduate degrees from Argosy University meet the same requirements as on-campus degree programs. Students meet the same standards and get the same degree. Argosy University’s online undergraduate degree programs have many advantages that set them apart from on-campus degree programs. For example, your classmates are serious about learning and it shows in the mature atmosphere of student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction. Argosy University’s online undergraduate degree programs offer students the chance to succeed without sacrificing quality of education.

Comfortable Classrooms
With Argosy University’s online degree programs, students attend classes from the comfort of their homes. This mean no one cares that you didn't brush your hair, are still eating supper or want to lay on the bed while you listen to the lecture. This creates a customized learning environment for each student.

Lower Costs
Online education costs less than on-campus undergraduate degree programs because students don’t incur the transportation or living expenses of attending on-campus classes. Students don’t have to pay to live on campus or to commute to school. Moving expenses are non-existent and students don’t have to pay for parking.

The flexibility of taking online courses is the best benefit of obtaining your undergraduate degree from Argosy University. At Argosy University, students can access their classes anytime, which mean students can attend classes after the children go to bed or between shifts at work.

No Traveling
Argosy University students don’t have to travel to school or return home at the end of each semester. Students won’t have to worry about missing a family celebration due to lack of funds. They don’t have to pitch pennies to put gas in the car; students don’t even have to own a car. This also translates into more time for students to study or spend with loves ones.

Increased Communication
Argosy University’s curriculum encourages active discussion rather than routine answers. Shy individuals will find interacting easier, as they don’t feel put on the spot or the center of attention when they ask a question.

Getting an online undergraduate degree from Argosy University can boost your career while allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities too. There is a wide variety of online majors, including criminal justice, psychology and business administration, for students to choose from. Which benefit of getting an Argosy University online degree captured your interest?

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