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6 Ways Online Education Can Enhance Your Career


Going back to school to either finish that college degree or start a new degree can have a positive impact on your career, but it's easier said than done. You might not be sure if you have the time or money. Bills have to get paid, and it's not like you can just quit your job. Fortunately, with all the advances in technology, going back to school is as easy as learning the ABC's. You do remember those, right?

This is where going to school online fits in. Going back to school online can provide you with the flexibility you need to build your career without sacrificing your social life, job, or money.

Here are 6 reasons why going back to school online can help to enhance your career.

1) There is no stigma against online education

Employers don't view an online education as a negative. According to US News, with the advancement in technology, employers are comfortable with the fact that employees are earning their degree online rather than attending a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

2) You don't have to quit your current job to do it

Oftentimes, going back to school is a full-time gig. If you really want that degree, you'll have to quit your job, right? Wrong. With online classes, you can plan around your work schedule.

Not only can going to school online allow you to keep your current job, but you also won't have any work gaps on your resume. A work gap on your resume, even because you went back to school, can be viewed negatively by some employers.

Another benefit to not quitting your job is that employers will respect your time-management skills. It can create a positive impression with your current employer, and future employers, if you were able to complete school, while still sticking with your day job.

3) You'll have a great opportunity to network

At first, it seems like you'd have less opportunity to network with your classmates, but with video-chatting and social media, it's easier than ever to connect with classmates and instructors. Online instructors often have to be more innovative to keep students engaged, which can lead to more opportunity to get to know your instructors.

Online schools also often provide you with the opportunity to work with other students in your field. Making those connections, while you're in school, can pay off when you're ready to make your career switch.

4) You can apply what you're learning in class to your current job

You will have the opportunity to learn things that you can apply to your current job every day. Let's say you currently work as a Human Resources Assistant and are going back to school to earn your Master's in Human Resources. The things you learn in class can be immediately applied to your current job. This can help to increase your value to your current employer. That's a win-win, right?

5) Save time and expense vs. a "brick-and-mortar" school

Want to know the best thing about taking classes online? You don't have to spend any extra time in your car to get to class. You already spend enough time commuting to work, right? Why add to that stress with a commute to a brick-and-mortar school? The benefits of saving time for your career are obvious. More time commuting to school and work means less time with your friends and family.

When you attend online classes, you also will not have to pay for room and board, or have to pay the costs of additional wear and tear on your car from all that commuting. Those hidden costs can add up quickly.

6) Many employers offer a benefit to pay for continuing your education

Companies that offer tuition assistance may have a lower turnover rate. They understand the benefits of offering this perk for their employees. According to Money Magazine , the health insurer Cigna studied their tuition assistance plan and found that they saved $1.29 in reduced turnover and recruiting costs for every $1 they spent on tuition reimbursement.

That's an obvious benefit to the company, but how does that benefit you? According to that same article, employees who took advantage of that tuition program were 10% more likely to be promoted and made an average of 43% more, over three years. You can't argue with those results.

Still not convinced that going to school online is the right move for you? We'll leave you with one final note from the LA Times - a college degree will earn you a million dollars more over the course of your career versus a high school diploma. If you want to make significantly more money over the course of your career, while not sacrificing your job or family, online education is the logical solution.

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Online Learning – Flexibility and Freedom to Reach Your Educational Goals


If you’re looking into online education, you already know the benefits. You can learn on your own schedule, keep working, continue attending your kids’ soccer games, and manage your busy life.

Argosy University, Online Programs allows you to focus on your goals while staying focused on your life responsibilities. We understand that our online students are full-time employees, parents, and caregivers. They’re motivated people who require support and flexibility, and are willing to face the challenges of pursuing higher education.

Brittany Doud, a two-time graduate of Argosy University, Online Programs, began her education at Glendale Community College. Getting out into the working world, she realized that she wanted additional education—but needed to fit it into her schedule. She turned to Argosy University, Online Programs, for her bachelor’s and master’s level studies. In 2014, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and in 2015, she earned a Master of Arts in Sport-Exercise Psychology .

Today, she’s working as a director of support programs for Special Olympics Arizona. “As soon as I started my last class [working toward] my Master’s degree, I was offered a job as a unified sports school district liaison with Special Olympics Arizona. I accepted this role and within six months was offered a promotion as the director of support programs.”

Brittany adds that her manager commended her ability to quickly move up the ladder within the organization. And she states that the support she received from Argosy University, Online Programs helped her to reach her career goals.

“My online academic counselor and finance counselor played a huge role in helping me to get through my degree programs on-time and with a strong GPA. I loved feeling the support from this school.”

Ready to take the next step in your education? Click here to learn more about the online programs that we offer, and how you can fit higher education into your life.

See for program duration, tuition, fees and other costs, median debt, salary data, alumni success, and other important info.

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Setting up your Computer to Support Online Education Courses


One of the biggest benefits of working toward an online degree is the ability to take classes on your schedule, from virtually anywhere that there’s an internet connection. For some, that means setting up a quiet space at home where they can jump onto the computer and check into their online classroom. For others who travel frequently for work, their classroom could be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Regardless of where you log into your online degree program, there are some basics that apply to everyone who takes online classes at Argosy University, Online Programs. Obviously you need a Mac or a PC computer with a web browser, and an internet connection of 56K or faster—broadband is strongly encouraged.

But to fully take advantage of online classroom education, you’ll need to have certain software installed on your computer. Argosy University, Online Programs provides students with the opportunity to purchase software at a reduced cost for students, via

The required software for online education includes:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 10 or higher)
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional (Version 10 or higher)
  • Microsoft Office Professional (Version 2010 for PC and 2011 for Mac) containing Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, and Outlook with Business Contact Manager
  • An antivirus software program

If you’re working toward a specific online doctorate program, you may need additional software such as SPSS Grad Pack 19.0 or 21.0. You may view the software needed for many doctoral level programs by visiting Argosy University, Online Division’s admissions webpage.

Online education students utilizing a PC are required to use a computer with at least an Intel® or AMD x86 processor, running at 1.3GHz or faster. The PC must have at least 4 GB of RAM, 10 GB of free hard drive space, a 1024x576 display, and a DVD-ROM drive. Video hardware acceleration is optional. The online courses may be taken via Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. Additionally, students should have one of the following operating systems installed:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 and MSXML 6.0 (32-bit Office only)
  • Windows Server 2008 or later 32 or 64-bit OS

Online education students using a Mac are required to use a computer with an Intel processor, Mac OS X v. 10.7 or higher, 1 GB of RAM, 10 GB of free hard drive space, a 1280x800 display, and a DVD-ROM drive. The online courses may be taken via the latest releases of Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

If you have questions or run into problems, please call us at 1-855-265-4188 and we’ll be happy to help you!

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